Counselling for Adults

Young Adults

If you’re in your 20's  to early 30's,  there are so many changes and new opportunities that occur:  post-secondary school, new careers, marriage, moves to new places, and ending of relationships and beginning of new ones.   Counselling can help young adults gain an outside perspective  when they may be experiencing confusion, loneliness or anxiety during this stage in life. 

Counselling Can Help You:

  • Heal from painful emotions and experiences (family or origin, trauma)
  • Adjust to post-secondary schooling (homesickness, academic stress, isolation)
  • Reduce substance abuse or other harmful coping behaviours
  • Develop new skills and strategies to create the life you want
  • Learn how to cope with anxiety, depression or other emerging mental health concerns
  • Treat yourself with kindness and forgiveness
  • Learn how to feel comfortable sharing your feelings and vulnerabilities with others
  • Feel supported when you are  struggling with or questioning your sexuality or gender


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